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Medicare was created in 1965 to provide healthcare security for our nation's seniors.  When they reach age 65, they are eligible for Medicare.  The program comes in two parts - Part A for INPATIENT CARE and Part B for OUTPATIENT CARE.  Part A is free and, in 2023, Part B's base premium is $164.90 per month.  These two parts provide 80% coverage - most people purchase a MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT to help pay the 20%.

In 2005, Congress approved Medicare Parts C & D - Part C, also known as MEDICARE ADVANTAGE, is a MEDICARE ALTERNATIVE that is offered by insurance companies and Part D is prescription drug coverage also provided by insurance companies.

Over 64 million people are on Medicare and a recent poll found that 67% of seasoned citizens find Medicare confusing.  Randy Sanders has helped seniors understand Medicare and GET THE COVERAGE THAT BEST SUITS THEM FOR 43 YEARS! Call 770.574.8686 to schedule your FREE InfoSession today!

Medicare Advantage Plans
Life Insurance

Life Insurance
Life insurance IS NOT for the benefit of the one insured.  The death benefit is for the ONE LEFT BEHIND!  And when it takes two incomes to afford the family's lifestyle, what happens when one earner dies?

The loss of one income in a two-income family or the loss of the ONLY income in a one-income family will make it hard, if not impossible, to pay the bills.  After the loss, survivors budget for the week because they are living paycheck to paycheck.  Pinching pennies becomes a way of life.

The death of an income producer will create FINANCIAL INSECURITY for the one left behind!  Life insurance is the solution - replacing lost income with tax-free dollars when the money is needed the most.  Randy Sanders has helped people get the best life insurance at the best price for 46 years!  Call 770.574.8686 to schedule your InfoSession appointment today!

Long Term Care

Long-Term Care
What is the GREATEST THREAT to your FINANCIAL SECURITY?  For those in or nearing retirement, most say it is the stock market or a recession.  Some say inflation or who is in the White House.  But the GREATEST THREAT to your FINANCIAL SECURITY is none of these.  Believe it or not, your GREATEST THREAT is the threat of FAILING HEALTH! If you live long enough, a day will come when you cannot perform normal activities of daily living and cannot live alone.  If there is no spouse to take care of you, you will need HOME HEALTH CARE, or be placed in ASSISTED LIVING or NURSING HOME.

The cost of these long term care services can wipe out a lifetime of savings and assets in just a few years!  For 46 years, Randy Sanders has been helping people prepare for the GREATEST THREAT to their financial wealth.  You will SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT when you call 770.574.8686 to schedule your free InfoSession today! Learn more at


Surveys show most Americans have NO GUARANTEED LIFETIME INCOME other than social security. And the average social security check in Georgia for 2023 was $1,600 per month. Surveys also confirm that retirees' greatest fear is outliving their money! 

What if there was a way to get more GUARANTEED LIFETIME INCOME?  And what if this second source of GUARANTEED LIFETIME INCOME let's you make money when the market is up and never lose money when the market nosedives because of a virus?

Did you know an annuity is the only financial product on earth that GUARANTEES lifetime income? And the index account guarantees you MAKE MONEY when the market goes up and guarantees you will NEVER LOSE money when the market goes down!

You want to enjoy your retirement and not worry about running out of money.  If you want to SLEEP BETTER at night, schedule your FREE InfoSession with Randy Sanders today by calling 770.574.8686.  After all, he has helped people plan for retirement for 46 years!
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